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AGED Leads Delivered in up to 2 Days
Our Database is Cleaned Every Month
1st Order Comes with a Badass Script
cheap insurance leads

Insurance Leads at an AFFORDABLE Price

The easiest leads you will ever work!

Badass Insurance Leads takes the stress out of buying leads from multiple sources each week. Simply buy your aged leads & our system will send you leads from your designated territory.

Note: Specific geographic leads are on a first come first serve basis.

Here’s What To Expect:

  • Cost Effective: $1.00 a piece
  • Data Validation: Phone #’s are continuously updated. Address & emails are appended every month.
  • Fast Delivery: You’ll receive via email in less than 2 business days.
  • Do Not Call List Removals: We continuously scrub our data for people on the DNC list and remove them before you purchase.

What the agents are saying…

“If you want the best, Badass Insurance Leads gives the best. They are not my only resource for leads but they are by far the best. No bullshit. You get exactly what you pay for and more. See for yourself…”




“I’ve bought leads from a ton of sources out there. I can honestly say that Badass Insurance Leads delivers leads that turn into appointments that close…”




Aged Spanish Life Leads
$1.75 per lead
  • Between 3 & 90 days in age
  • Target Ages 40-80
  • 40 - 50 Mile Radius or by County
  • Lead Info: Name, Phone(s), Address, DOB & More
  • Custom Phone Script Included!
  • Leads Delivered Via Email(CSV)

WHY BadAss Insurance Leads?

“We bring you both sides of the perfect lead. The agent’s perspective and the marketing experience needed to drive a BADASS insurance lead!”

Badass Insurance Leads was born from combining top producing insurance agents who specialize in Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, and Advanced Life Insurance Sales with industry veterans in the online marketing space. The search for the perfect lead at an affordable price led us to our powerhouse partnership. Our conversion obsessed marketing team has of 22 years experience in high intent online lead generation. Together we merged our experience to finally deliver leads that actually work for you, not against you. Time is money, and you deserve to have the money.