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Aged Final Expense Insurance Leads

Premium growth decreased 4% over the last decade. Also, profits have fallen by 15% on average over the last several years. Some areas, such as Asia, have even seen a decline in profits by as much as 36%.

Insurance lead cost, as we’ve seen, has doubled or even tripled depending on the type of lead that you’re wanting to purchase (ie. fresh / real time leads, direct mail, Facebook, etc).

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The insurance market is getting more competitive by the day so insurance agents must find new ways to capture the market in a cost effective manner.

final expense life insurance leads
final expense life insurance leads spanish

One way to find new clients in an ever-tightening market is with aged final expense insurance leads. Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

What are Aged Final Expense Insurance Leads?

Every business faces lean times. The top reason for purchasing aged final expense insurance leads is a tight budget.

Aged leads are more affordable than traditional advertising channels. These channels might include:

Where can you purchase final expense insurance leads?

Check with the Insurance Agency you currently work for: Most insurance agencies and many vendors that they have worked with for a while and that offer leads for sale. Also, some larger insurance agencies have an inventory of leads that may range from months to years old.

Go Direct to 3rd Party Data Sources: There are a TON of data companies out there that buy and sell final expense and general life insurance lead data. All you have to do is contact them and one of their sales reps will give you the bulk cost on uploading that data to your CRM. Note: Most times, they won’t sell you small batches as they don’t make any money on those transactions.

Aged Insurance Lead Vendors: As an example, is one of them. There are only a handful of vendors online that are solely focused on aged insurance leads so make sure to check out reviews from real agents before making your decision.

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Understanding Aged Final Expense Leads

You may want to know more about aged leads before making an investment. For example, working leads requires investments in:

  • Sales Training
  • Marketing resources
  • Transportation or Webcam tools
  • Scripts
  • Time

You may want to know more about how to work / call / market to aged leads compared to how to treat fresher leads. Moreover, you most likely want to know if they work the way they’re supposed to.

1: We highly recommend having a system in place to work with aged leads effectively.

2: We also recommend having someone provide you a script that has been proven to work in the past.

3: Know what data you’re buying. Make sure that there is a plethora of information on EACH aged lead record. See an example of one of our aged FE leads.

Armed with these items, you’ll have a cost-effective way to get started in final expense insurance sales. Alternatively, you can inject new warm leads into your existing final expense insurance sales pipeline.

Aged Final Expense Lead Pricing

This can run the gamut but the most common final expense lead pricing for aged leads is normally between 0.75 to $2.00 per lead. This is determined by the quantity you order, the geographic area, the data you receive and of course, the age of the lead.

The Game Plan

You may need to create five to seven touch points to sell an aged lead a policy.

For you, however, this isn’t a problem. You’re going to create a system to work your aged leads, right?

You must develop a system for making the needed number of contacts. Using the right automated tools, you can take the “sweat” out of the “equity” of working aged leads. These tools might include:

  • Calendars
  • CRMs
  • Dialers
  • Email marketing
  • SMS software
  • Call centers
  • Live Chat Tools

You can use these tools to partially or nearly completely automate all your touch points.

Playing the Numbers Game

It’s critical to buy a sufficient volume of aged leads. They cost less so you can afford to buy more.

Some aged leads aren’t viable. Remember, aged leads are sometimes more than a year old. You must work through more of them to find qualified warm leads.

On average, for leads that are between 3 months and 12 months of age, you can expect about 30% of the data to be bad. You can also expect to get about 3-4 appointments and 1 sale out of 100 aged FE leads.

These numbers are based on us selling our aged Final Expense leads to hundreds of insurance agents from all different walks of life across all 50 states.

Doing the Math

Suppose you have a $200 budget. You might buy 100 aged leads that are a little newer, like 2 weeks to 3 months of age.

Out of those 100 leads, you might sell 5 policies. You’ve sold 5 policies for a $200 investment.

Now, suppose you buy FRESH leads. You must sell at least four of those leads for the same return on your $200 investment. It’s hard to keep up that kind of close rate.

No matter how you earn it, commission equals money in your pocket. With our aged FE leads example, you closed four leads for a $200 investment. With current leads, you may have trouble selling two or even one policy with only eight leads to work.

A Time-Tested Tactic

Despite today’s innovative marketing tools, email marketing is still alive and well. With this in mind, you should create a drip campaign to work your aged leads.

You can then follow up with weekly or monthly emails. You’d continue sending emails until they perform the desired action, such as purchasing a final expense policy or asking for more information.

We also recommend using video email tools in conjunction with your email marketing. Some tools we like are BombBomb and Loom.

Now, you’re ready to work with aged leads.

Start Finding Fresh Insurance Leads Now

Now you know how to work aged final expense insurance leads. All you need is a reliable supply of aged leads. Fortunately, we know the perfect supplier. is a trusted source for final expenses, mortgage protection, and advanced life insurance sales. We’re industry veterans. We’ll help you source the perfect leads—at an affordable price.

We have more than 22 years of experience in high intent online lead generation. We deliver leads that actually work.

Start finding leads now. Choose your aged insurance leads package today.