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Wholesale & Bulk Insurance Leads

If you’re an agent or broker looking to buy over 1000 aged insurance leads at a time, you’ve come to the right place. At Badass Insurance Leads, we have access to hundreds of thousands of both English and Spanish leads in all 50 states. Our current availability: Health, Life, FEX and Medicare.

Life, FEX, Medicare & Health Leads in Bulk

We are the actual source for all types of insurance leads from high quality life, FEX, Medicare and U65 Health. Each lead comes with over 15 columns of data points

wholesale insurance lead

How Do We Generate So Many Leads?

We work with strategic vendors buying up all of their fresh and aged lead data. The leads can be aged anywhere from 2 weeks all the way up to 12 months.

The leads are 100% TCPA compliant and have either Jornaya or TrustedForm Tokens attached to each lead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the origin of the leads?

All leads are sourced from an amalgamation of Google, Facebook and banner ads. 

How do you generate the leads?

Same as above with our vendors pushing ad spend to generate form fills throughout the United States, by specifically mentioning the policy type and how it can help their family if something should happen to them.

Can you ensure accuracy of the information?

We unfortunately have no way to control what data is input, nor is there a way for us to confirm the accuracy, however we see accurate information 80+ percent of the time.

What are your age ranges of the data?

All leads are no older than 12 months. Looking for fresh leads? Click here.

How can I filter the leads we purchase?

Here’s a list of custom order filters you can use when buying wholesale insurance leads from us:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Coverage amount
  • Coverage type
  • Denied insurance
  • Education
  • Expiration date
  • Height
  • Hospitalized
  • Insurance company
  • Insured since date
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Pregnant
  • Smoker
  • Student
  • US residence
  • Weight
  • Months at residence
  • Phone number
  • Residence type
  • Years at residence

What kind of conversion rates can we assume?

Unfortunately this is all over the board and is dependent mainly upon the agent and their follow up tactics and skills.

Do you have reviews from other agents that have used your leads?

You can see many of our Google reviews by Googling “Badass Insurance Leads Reviews” 

How long does it take to fulfil the lead order?

We normally fulfil the order in 2 business days or less. Need them faster? Let us know and we can expedite for a fee.

Are your leads exclusive aged leads?

All leads will be exclusive to the client and never resold by us to any other agent we work with. Can not guarantee that in the past 365 days they have not seen another ad from other companies that have reached out sooner.

Do you have a return policy for wholesale / bulk orders?

We will replace up to 20% of the order at no additional cost for disconnected phone numbers, language barrier, or out of area.

What’s your pricing for wholesale insurance leads?

We have a tiered pricing structure that we can share and work with you on. 

How do you ensure that the leads you provide are in compliance with all relevant regulations, including data protection laws?

All leads are opt in data and the opt in is good for 365 days the date of submission will be included with each lead.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

You’ll receive 24-7 email support and we normally respond within an hour. We could create an order email where your team would place the order then we could send those leads via a secure link to your team. Alternatively, we could use a lead distribution platform if you’re able to receive leads that way. 

Do you have to sign a contract for your wholesale leads?

You can purchase as many or as little as you’d like from us. We currently have thousands in every state so we can scale to fit your needs. There is no agreement at this time that you have to sign up for.