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Aged Health Insurance Leads

Badass Insurance Leads is the number one source for aged health insurance leads. We provide quality, targeted second chance, high-intent leads that help sales agents close more business deals and grow their careers.

After you order, in 24 hours or less our team can generate a fresh, targeted list of aged health insurance leads that have recently filled out a form online for info on health insurance.

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aged health insurance leads
spanish health insurance leads

What Are Aged Health Insurance Leads?

Aged Health Insurance Leads are life insurance leads that have been aged or left unsold for a period of time. They are typically one to three months old but can be as many as 12 months old. Aged leads are an excellent way to jump-start your sales pipeline because they represent a captive audience that has already been interested in buying life insurance.

Where do the leads come from?

Primarily internet forms. Aged health insurance leads are similar to fresh health insurance leads. The data is sent to numerous 3rd party data companies then sold to marketing agencies like ours. We then clean and append to the lead data and send that exclusively to you. We never sell the same aged health lead data again after an agent or broker buys it from Badass Insurance Leads.

Why do people tend to buy fresh health leads instead?

The misconception is that fresh is better. Many times, the fresh leads aren’t ready to buy or even if they are sold, they are UNDERSOLD leaving you still many opportunities to pitch your health insurance products. Aged leads give you a second chance to connect with people who may be ready to buy now or who simply don’t want to transact with their former agent.

Aged Health Insurance Lead Pricing

You can expect to pay anywhere from .10 to $1.50 per health lead depending on the age of the data, the amount of updates / appends that have been done or the quantity you purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these 100% exclusive?

Yes! We never resell our Spanish or English health leads to anyone else after your purchase.

What location can I choose?

You can choose by city, county or States. The most common is by county.

Are these leads good for telesales agents?

Yes! Many of the agents that buy our aged health insurance leads are telesales agents and can sell over the phone into numerous states across the USA.

What kind of info do I receive with my order?

You’ll receive an Excel spreadsheet with over 15 columns of data about your prospects.