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Aged Life Insurance Leads

Targeted, High-Intent Leads for a Fraction of the Price

As a life insurance agent or broker, you know how powerful the right policy can be for your clients, and you know that you help them achieve all their financial dreams. However, finding the right clients can be a challenge. At Badass Insurance Leads, we are here to help you connect the dots. If you want to grow your business and help more people, contact us today to get the best-aged life insurance leads in the industry. 

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aged life insurance leads
Aged Life Insurance Leads Packages
aged Spanish life insurance leads
Aged Spanish Life Insurance Leads

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What Are Aged Life Insurance Leads?

Aged life insurance leads are life insurance leads that are more than 2 weeks to 12+ months old. They may have been purchased by larger agencies and never used, or they may be leads that were unsuccessful for other agents.

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This allows them to be highly affordable yet often very effective. These leads may include people who are interested in life insurance but weren’t ready to purchase it initially or those who want life insurance but didn’t connect with your competitors. Many time, we see that these leads have been undersold as well so there’s still an opportunity to sell them something else.

These aged leads allow you to connect with financially-savvy individuals who may want life insurance but also value choosing the right agent. When you buy aged leads through us, we’ll give you the exact script you need to show potential clients why you are that agent. 

Aged Life Insurance Leads Pricing & Other Costs

You can expect to pay anywhere from 0.10 to $1.99 per aged lead depending on numerous factors. Things like the age, the data source (websites, Facebook, telesales calls etc), how many times the lead was appended to and cross checked on the DNC list.

Additional costs to consider are email dripping tools, SMS software, phone dialer tools and other CRM related software to help you manage the outreach process. Since you’ll most likely have hundreds or thousands of aged life leads, you’ll need to have a sophisticated system to manage all of the outreach and communication.

What’s Better: Aged Life Leads vs Fresh Life Leads?

The misconception is that fresh is better. Many times, the fresh leads aren’t ready to buy or even if they are sold, they are UNDERSOLD leaving you still many opportunities to pitch your health insurance products. Outside of the obvious price difference between the two, you’ll be able to purchase about 10X the same amount of aged leads so you’ll have more of a chance to connect, make appointments and ultimately close deals. It’s a numbers game!

How It Works

Step 1: Choose Your Package

Visit our packages page and choose an aged lead bundle that makes the most sense for what you want to buy.

Step 2: Get Leads in as Little as 24 Hours

Our leads will arrive in your inbox in as little as 24 hours or three days for Spanish-speaking aged leads.

Step 3: Connect With New Clients

As soon as you get your leads, you can begin using our bullet-proof script to sell more life insurance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you resell these aged life leads?

No! We never resell our Spanish or English health leads to anyone else after your purchase.

Do I choose by county, zip code or States?

You can choose by city, county or States. The most common is by county. If you have a custom geographic area that you want to target, chat with us before purchasing.

Are these life leads good for tele-sales agents?

Yes! Many of the agents that buy our aged life insurance leads are telesales agents and can sell over the phone into numerous states across the USA.

What kind of info do I receive with my order?

You’ll receive an Excel spreadsheet with over 15 columns of data about your prospects. All data is appended to and cross checked on the DNC list.

Do you sell Final Expanse leads as well?

Yes! All aged life packages come with both life and FE leads mixed in. If you would like Aged Final Expense leads only, please notate that in the order form.