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Top MLM Insurance Agencies To Work For

Top MLM Insurance Agencies to Work For

MLM or networking marketing companies aren’t new. The concept can be great for you if you’re good at recruiting other people to join your “team”. Many insurance companies have structured their organization around this concept too. Based on online reviews, interviews with active insurance agents and customer’s experience with the companies, we have created a list of our top picks for MLM Insurance brokerages to work for.


Primerica is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that specializes in insurance and financial services. It was founded in 1977 and has its headquarters in Duluth, Georgia, USA. Primerica primarily offers life insurance, as well as other financial services like mutual funds, annuities, and debt management plans.

Benefits of working for Primerica:

  • Comprehensive Financial Products: Primerica offers a wide range of financial products, including life insurance, investments, and debt solutions, providing agents with more opportunities to cater to diverse client needs.
  • Training and Support: The company is known for providing extensive training and support to its agents, which can be particularly beneficial for those new to the insurance and financial services industry.
  • Earning Potential: Primerica’s compensation structure offers the potential for high earnings through commissions, bonuses, and overrides from the sales of recruited agents.
  • Flexible Schedule: As with many MLM models, Primerica offers the flexibility to work part-time or full-time, allowing agents to manage their own schedules.
  • Reputation and Longevity: Primerica has a long history in the insurance industry, which can lend credibility and trust in the eyes of potential clients.

Family Heritage Life

Family Heritage Life is an MLM (multi-level marketing) insurance agency that specializes in supplemental health and life insurance products. Founded in 1989 and based in Cleveland, Ohio, the company focuses on providing insurance policies that offer financial support in the event of serious illness, accidents, or hospitalization. Family Heritage Life’s products are designed to help families cope with the financial impact of unexpected health issues. The company operates on a direct sales model, with agents selling policies and recruiting new agents, earning commissions and bonuses based on personal and team sales.

Benefits of working for Family Heritage Life compared to other MLM insurance agencies include:

  • Specialized Product Focus: Family Heritage Life offers unique supplemental insurance products, which can be appealing to customers who already have primary health and life insurance but want additional coverage.
  • Return of Premium Feature: Many of their policies include a return of premium feature, which can be a strong selling point for agents and appealing to customers.
  • Comprehensive Training Program: The company provides thorough training and continuous professional development, which can be particularly beneficial for agents new to the industry.
  • Earnings and Incentives: Family Heritage Life offers a potentially lucrative compensation plan with opportunities for commissions, bonuses, and residual income based on personal and team sales performance.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Working with Family Heritage Life can offer a sense of personal satisfaction as agents provide products that help protect families financially during challenging times.
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Family First Life

Family First Life, often abbreviated as FFL, is a multi-level marketing (MLM) insurance agency known for offering a range of life insurance and annuity products. Founded in 2013, the company has rapidly grown and gained recognition in the insurance industry. FFL operates by recruiting independent agents who sell their insurance products, with agents earning commissions from their sales and the sales of agents they recruit. The company emphasizes a high-commission structure and access to multiple insurance carriers, allowing agents to offer a variety of products to clients.

Benefits of working for Family First Life compared to other MLM insurance agencies include:

  • High Commission Rates: FFL is known for offering some of the highest commission rates in the industry, which can significantly increase earning potential for agents.
  • Diverse Product Portfolio: Agents have access to a wide range of insurance products from multiple carriers, enabling them to meet a broad spectrum of client needs.
  • No Contractual Obligation: Agents are not contractually obligated to FFL, offering them greater freedom and flexibility compared to some other MLM models.
  • Support and Training: The company provides comprehensive training, sales leads and support, which is beneficial for both experienced agents and those new to the industry.
  • Advancement Opportunities: There are opportunities for rapid advancement within the company based on performance, not just seniority or time with the company.


VIV is a relatively less known MLM (multi-level marketing) insurance agency, focusing on providing insurance and financial products. As a lesser-known entity in the insurance sector, specific details about their founding, headquarters, and range of products might not be as widely recognized as those of larger, more established MLM insurance agencies. VIV operates on the typical MLM model where agents are recruited to sell insurance products, earning commissions based on their sales and the recruitment of new agents. The company may offer a variety of insurance products, but exact details would depend on their current business strategy and product portfolio.

Benefits of working for VIV compared to other MLM insurance agencies might include:

  • Unique Market Position: Being a less known agency, VIV might offer unique market opportunities or niche products that are not available through larger agencies.
  • Personalized Support: Smaller MLM agencies often provide more personalized support and attention to their agents compared to larger organizations.
  • Growth Opportunities: There might be greater opportunities for early-stage growth and leadership roles in a smaller or newer MLM company.
  • Potentially Less Competition: Working with a lesser-known agency can sometimes mean facing less competition in recruiting agents and selling products.
  • Innovative Products or Strategies: Smaller or newer companies like VIV might adopt more innovative approaches or offer unique products that differentiate them from established MLM insurance agencies.
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Symmetry Financial Group

Symmetry Financial Group is a multi-level marketing (MLM) insurance agency that specializes in life insurance and various other financial products. Founded in 2009 and based in Swannanoa, North Carolina, the company has grown rapidly, gaining recognition for its innovative approach to insurance sales. Symmetry Financial Group operates by recruiting independent agents who sell their products, earning commissions based on sales and the recruitment of new agents. The company emphasizes a balance between work and personal life and is known for its unique culture and team-focused environment.

Benefits of working for Symmetry Financial Group compared to other MLM insurance agencies include:

  • Work-Life Balance: Symmetry Financial Group strongly advocates for a balance between work and personal life, which is highly valued by many of its agents.
  • Unique Company Culture: The company is known for its unique and supportive culture, focusing on teamwork and agent development.
  • Diverse Insurance Products: Agents have access to a wide range of insurance products from multiple carriers, allowing them to serve a diverse clientele.
  • Innovative Sales Approach: Symmetry Financial Group employs innovative sales strategies and tools, which can be advantageous for agents looking to stand out in the market.
  • Growth and Leadership Opportunities: The company offers significant opportunities for personal and professional growth, including leadership roles, based on performance and not just seniority.

PHP Agency

PHP Agency, Inc. is a multi-level marketing (MLM) insurance agency that specializes in life insurance, annuities, and other financial services. Founded in 2009 by Patrick Bet-David, PHP Agency is headquartered in Addison, Texas, and has expanded rapidly across the United States. The company operates by recruiting agents to sell its insurance products, offering them commissions on sales and additional earnings from recruiting other agents. PHP Agency is known for its diverse agent base and focus on serving multicultural communities.

Benefits of working for PHP Agency compared to other MLM insurance agencies include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: PHP Agency is recognized for its diverse agent base and commitment to serving multicultural communities, which can provide a unique and inclusive working environment.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunity: The company encourages entrepreneurial spirit among its agents, offering them the chance to build and grow their own businesses.
  • Comprehensive Training Programs: PHP Agency provides extensive training and development programs, supporting agents at different stages of their careers.
  • Competitive Compensation Structure: The agency offers a competitive compensation structure with the potential for high earnings through commissions and bonuses.
  • Leadership Development: PHP Agency places a strong emphasis on leadership development, offering opportunities for agents to advance into management and leadership roles within the company.

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