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Life Insurance Online Search Trends For Insurance Agents | June 2023

Life Insurance Online Search Trends for Insurance Agents | June 2023

If you’re a life insurance agent, there are a couple of tools that you can use to see trends geographically and topically in your space. Why? Two reasons:

1: When choosing what areas to buy leads in, you can see where MORE people are searching for that type of insurance term. You can search by state or Metro areas.

2: Topically, if you’re a content creator and in sales, these tools give you a plethora of topics to blog about.

My favorite one is Google Trends. It’s 100% free and will probably always be. I like it because it’s literally data coming directly from Google and you can compare multiple variations of a search term. Also, it’s very useful for people wanting to target specific areas like cities or states with their marketing campaigns as it gives you insight as to where people are physically looking for your service offering.

The secondary tool that I use a lot is Exploding Topics. It’s nice to overlay this on top of what you find on Google Trends as Exploding Topics seems to use different sources from across the internet. They also make it easy for you to “catch” trends happening as they are forming.

So, if you’re an insurance agent that wants to find a niche, Exploding Topics could help you do that.

For example, in the video I mentioned Bestow being an outlier. They have nice search volume and trend over time so creating content about them may give you an edge over your competition.

Stay tuned for more monthly trends in the life, health and Medicare insurance space!

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Dustin DeTorres

Dustin DeTorres is the Co-Founder of Badass Insurance Leads. For over a decade, he's helped insurance agents across the USA close deals by generating leads for their businesses.