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Integrity Marketing Group Review: An Agent’s Guide

Update: Integrity recently named as one of the top 100 companies in the U.S. for Best Perks and Benefits. See source here.

Ever wondered who Integrity Marketing was? Are they delivering on their promises or are they just another tall tale? How does their operation function and what are folks saying about them? In this post, we cover all of that.

Understanding Integrity Marketing Group

Integrity Marketing Group, founded in 2006, has evolved into one of the nation’s largest independent insurtech marketing organizations. Helping serve over five million customers annually.

The company owes much of its success to its strong core values. These guiding principles not only shape their operations but also define their culture. Due to their adherence to these core values, they have established a noteworthy presence in the insurance industry.

Founding and Growth of Integrity Marketing Group

Built from scratch by visionaries who saw potential in changing consumer behaviors, this organization capitalized on the power of data services and proprietary suites for growth. The group believes that these tools give them an edge when dealing with insurance carriers or aiding insurance agents through sales tools.

Their rise hasn’t been easy; but because they understand the playing field better than most competitors do, they’ve managed significant leaps forward in business relationships by partnersing and purchasing other insurance and technology companies.

Some of the tech platforms they’ve create include:

How Integrity Marketing Group Operates

Integrity Marketing Group, an insurtech company, has a distinct approach to business. They have forged strong partnerships with insurance carrier partners and made strategic acquisitions that drive their growth.

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This powerhouse works with over 275,000 independent agents who are the lifeblood of their distribution network. Their primary focus is on senior market products – collaborating exclusively with insurance companies developing these specialized offerings.

Their partnerships aren’t just about numbers but building mutually beneficial relationships. The group ensures they give ample support to their agent force by offering advanced sales tools and training resources.

A major part of how they operate revolves around innovation in technology too. This insurtech entity uses cutting-edge software solutions for efficient data services and process automation. Such investments let them stay ahead in this fast-paced industry while delivering high-quality service consistently.

Revenue Generation at Integrity Marketing Group

This powerhouse of a company doesn’t just sell insurance products; they are distributors. They form partnerships with major insurance carriers to distribute life insurance products through their vast network of sales representatives. This expansive distribution network is one key reason why they’re able to serve over 5 million customers annually.

In short, if you want an analogy – think of them as middlemen on steroids. But remember folks: there’s no shortcut to success – behind every steroid-fueled middleman stands years of hard work building relationships with both agents and carriers alike.

Employee Experience at Integrity Marketing Group

Integrity Marketing is more than just a place to work. It’s where the employees’ voices matter, and their hard work gets rewarded.

Working at Integrity Marketing Group also looks promosing as they have a rating of 3.7 on Glassdoor and the CEO, Bryan Adams, gets an approval rating of 79%.

The company’s LinkedIn page offers glimpses into the daily life of an employee as well as up to date news & events. What stands out is the company’s commitment to creating a nurturing environment for its workforce.

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Impact of Integrity Marketing Group on the Insurance Industry

The Integrity Marketing Group has had a significant impact on the insurance industry. They have focused on life and health insurance products and formed strategic alliances with various insurance carrier partners, establishing themselves as a key player in the market.

Integrity Marketing Group is not just another company in the field; they are a powerful force that is shaping consumer behaviors and trends in the industry. Their success is closely tied to the relationships they have with major insurance companies and individual agents.

Learn more about our story here.

Commitment to Employee Ownership at Integrity Marketing Group

The culture of Integrity Marketing Group revolves around its unique Employee Ownership Program. The idea behind it? To make sure that those who help build the company also reap its rewards.

This program gives employees meaningful ownership, making them stakeholders in the success story they’re writing together. So what does this mean for their workforce?

This fosters a feeling of solidarity and dedication not commonly seen in other places. Employees are not just working for a paycheck but towards building something bigger – a successful company where everyone benefits from each other’s hard work.

Moreover, such programs tend to boost productivity and morale as employees see themselves as part-owners rather than mere workers. It instills an entrepreneurial spirit across all levels of the organization, fostering innovation and progress.

Family First Life

One of the biggest partnerships that Integrity has made over the years is their purchase of Family First Life in 2019. Also known as FFL, this IMO sells mortgage protection, IUL, final expense and fixed indexed annuities. With thousands of independent agents working for FFL across the United States, if you sell insurance or have shown interest in selling insurance, you have probably come across these guys.

What does Integrity Marketing Group do?

The group partners with large carriers to distribute life and health insurance products for seniors through its network of independent agents.

How does Integrity Marketing make money?

This marketing firm generates revenue by selling partner-developed insurance plans to their target market: senior citizens.

Who are Integrity Marketing Group competitors?

Firms like AIL Nevada, The IHC Group, Senior Market Sales Inc. stand as major competition for this marketing giant in the sector of senior-targeted insurances.

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