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Buy Bulk Medicare Leads

Agents and Brokers that sell Medicare leads to prospects may, at times, need to buy bulk & wholesale Medicare leads for their team. For more than 1000 Medicare leads, we offer large discounts so you can upload them to your CRM or use a power dialer tool.

See Bulk Pricing Here

Where do we source the Medicare Leads?

We work with dozens of fresh Medicare lead generating vendors and we buy their aged data from them. The data the get’s stored in our secure server for a specific amount of time. We then make that data available to you to pick and choose by grographic targeting, filters (see below)

What Custom Filters Can I Use When Purchasing the Medicare Data?

Some of the many filters below include but arent limited to:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Coverage type
  • Denied insurance
  • Education
  • Expiration date
  • Height
  • Hospitalized
  • Insurance company
  • Insured since date
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Pregnant
  • Smoker
  • Student
  • US residence
  • Weight
  • Months at residence
  • Phone number
  • Residence type
  • Years at residence

How Much to Bulk or Wholesale Medicare Insurance Leads Cost?

The range that you’ll see will be between .14 cents and $1.30 depending on the filters, geographic targeting age and other factors. You can see our updated pricing page here

What are the next steps?

Email us at, live chat with us or contact us 24/7.