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Cheap Life Insurance Leads: English & Spanish!

How Our Premium Aged Leads are Disrupting the industry!


How do we do it? We will spare you the nerd stuff and give it to you straight. Badass Insurance Leads validates, verifies and scores Aged Life & Final Expense Leads in real time to make them “new”. We also provide up to 3 phone numbers per lead!  Buying our leads is a NO-BRAINER. It’s affordable & you will have more chances to book appointments.

Note: Specific geographic leads are on a first come first serve basis.

Here’s What To Expect:

  • Cost Effective: $2.25 for English / $2.60 for Spanish Premium Aged Leads
  • High Quality: Premium Aged Leads are cleaned and scrubbed well to ensure high contactability. We validate and verify each lead on your list. Buy Leads Now
  • Fast Delivery: You’ll receive via email in less than 24 hours.
  • We Mention Life Insurance: Our prospects know what this is about and don’t expect anything for free.

What the agents are saying…

“The leads have been going well. In the batch we purchased, we were able to get a handful of appointments and deals!”



“We are very happy with the leads so far. Compared to other aged leads I’ve bought, I’m more likely to get a hold of these ones.”



“When you consider the price per lead, Badass Insurance Leads could be some of the best valued leads out there today.”


Family First Life


100+ Premium Aged Spanish Life Leads
$2.60 per lead
  • Verified & Validated Leads with HIGH Contactability
  • Between 3 and 12 months in Age
  • 40 - 80 Age Range
  • Lead Info: Name, Phone(s), Address, DOB & More
  • Custom Phone Script Included!
  • Leads Delivered Via Email(CSV)

WHY BadAss Insurance Leads?

“We bring you both sides of the perfect lead. The agent’s perspective and the marketing experience needed to drive a BADASS insurance lead!”

Badass Insurance Leads was born from combining top producing insurance agents who specialize in Final Expense, Mortgage Protection, and Advanced Life Insurance Sales with industry veterans in the online marketing space. The search for the perfect lead at an affordable price led us to our powerhouse partnership. Our conversion obsessed marketing team has of 22 years experience in high intent online lead generation. Together we merged our experience to finally deliver leads that actually work for you, not against you. Time is money, and you deserve to have the money. Checkout our life insurance agent training tools here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the lead data from?

We work with several 3rd party vendors that generate fresh leads. We buy their data at specific time frames after the fresh leads have been sold. We then append that data several times and make it available to you!

What is the age of the leads?

All of our leads are aged between 3 and 12 months. We’ve found that these leads are a perfect balance of cost and ability to set appointments. Due to our cleansing process and appending of phone numbers, you can rest assured that you’ll have a higher likelihood of getting ahold of these leads, less disconnects and a higher call to appointment ratio.

Will I have any disconnected numbers?

We understand that this is one of the biggest issues with aged life insurance leads. So, we have solved that problem by appending the phone record data several times. This results in a much less likelihood that you’ll experience disconnected numbers. With each order, you’ll receive at least 3-4 phone numbers per record (both mobile & landlines). In some cases, you’ll be able to reach multiple people within the household, creating numerous opportunities.

What format do the leads come in?

You’ll receive about 12 – 15 columns of data in an Excel spreadsheet. If you ever need to receive a past order, simply email us at

How do you recommend we work these aged life leads?

As each sales person runs there business is different, it’s up to you. However we do provide a sales scripts for new orders and have a training blog here and here that we update periodically. Many of the more successful agents also use automated email tools and phone dialers.

Do you offer refunds or credits?

No. These are aged leads and are sold as-is. Feel free to read some of our testimonials before making your purchase!

Can I buy my leads by city or county?

Yes, you can choose either. When you checkout, in the form you can notate where you’d like us to focus. If you want to focus on a particular city or county, we will normally start with a 30 mile radius around the city or radiate outward from that county if we can’t get the numbers needed. If you need it to be a smaller or larger radius, let us know as well.

Are these leads exclusive?

We don’t resell the same leads to other agents. They have most likely been called by someone before since they are aged leads but, again, once sold on our site, we never resell the same lead to any other sales agent.