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Aged Spanish Insurance Leads

Are you an insurance agent or broker looking for Spanish leads for you and your team? For over 10 years, Badass Insurance Leads has worked with hundreds of Spanish speaking agents across the United States to help them fill their pipeline.

We have 3 different types of Spanish aged insurance leads to choose from: Life (+ Final Expense), Medicare Supplement and Health leads. All 3 types are generated from Spanish landing pages on high trafficked website properties across the internet. The data then gets sold to us and we cleanse it for you before your purchase.

Choose your package below:

aged Spanish life insurance leads

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these 100% exclusive?

Yes! We never resell our Spanish or English leads to anyone else after your purchase.

What location can I choose?

You can choose by city, county or by State.

How long does it take to get my Spanish leads?

We deliver them to you all at once in under 48 hours but most of the time it’s much faster than that!

What kind of info do I receive with my order?

You’ll receive an Excel spreadsheet with over 15 columns of data about your prospects. Here’s a video of us walking through some of the columns of data you will get.

How much do Aged Spanish Insurance Leads Cost?

Most of our aged Spanish leads cost anywhere from $1.60 to $2.00 per lead.

Do you have reviews from other agents that have purchased Spanish insurance leads?

Yes! Click here to see some and you can also see more on Google.