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What Are Premium Aged Leads?

Our Premium Aged Leads are validated, verified and scored in real time to make them NEW. We take a list of 200 aged life insurance leads (3-86 days old)) and filter out the crap numbers leaving you with appended phone numbers and a validated lead list. 

What Do I Get?

You will get 100+ clean/validated leads per order all for under $2 per lead. Each lead comes with 4+ phone numbers PER LEAD, with a Bullet-proof Aged Leads script.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the package?

  1. 100+ Pre-Screened, Validated/Verified Aged Life Insurance Leads for only $149 (Limited time sale price).

Q. What kind of leads are these?

  1. These are Aged Life Insurance leads that work well for Final Expense & Life Insurance sales.

Q. What are Premium Aged Insurance Leads?

  1. These are 3-86 day old life insurance leads that we validate, verify and score in real time to make them NEW. We take a list of 200 aged life insurance leads and filter out the crap numbers leaving you with appended phone numbers and a validated lead list. You will get a minimum of 100 clean/validated leads per order with up to 4+ phone numbers per lead. 

Q. How are these leads so affordable?

  1. We are OBSESSED with creating affordable Insurance leads that make agents money. We want agents to book more appointments and make their money back quickly. We rolled the dice and kept our profits low to make sure you agents have more success. The goal is for us to have a long lasting relationship with our agents.   

Q. How many zip codes can I order in?

  1. We start with one county and the zip codes within that one but you can choose multiple counties and we will try to evenly distribute the leads across those counties. 

Q. How many leads can I order?

  1. Our package starts at 100. We usually add leads on top of your 100 lead order. Why? Because we are badass dudes and dudettes and… our partners are insurance agents and we are in this for the agents’ to succeed.

Q. How long will it take for my leads to come in?

  1. English Premium Aged Insurance Leads will come in within 24 hours of your order. Spanish leads take up to 2.5 business days.

Q. Do you have Premium Aged Spanish Leads?

  1. Sí, tenemos clientes potenciales de seguros en España. 

Q. Do you provide a script?

  1. Yes, Each order comes with a Bullet-Proof Premium Aged Lead phone script. 

Q. What is the pro’s and con’s of aged leads vs fresh leads

Fresh Lead Pros: Fresh Leads are “Fresh” people looking for Insurance Leads recently. This means they have a higher intent to hear more about Insurance packages. 

Fresh Lead Cons: Fresh Leads are not always “Fresh”! Lead companies often sell you old leads to multiple people for that “Fresh Lead” cost! You still get disconnected phone numbers and people saying they didn’t fill out any forms. These leads are not validated and you rarely know the true source. It’s just too expensive for so many unknowns. 

Premium Aged Leads Pros: Imagine calling a list that has LIMITED Disconnected phone numbers? Imagine knowing that the person you just called is 100% connected to that phone number. Sounds good right? Now imagine getting 100+ validated leads for less than $2 a lead! **Drops the mic…..and walks away**

Premium Aged Leads Cons: Yes, these leads are aged 86 plus days. But even fresh leads forget they filled out any forms. Badass Insurance Leads provides a bullet-proof script to sell any aged lead with each order.

Q. Is your old 100 for $100 package going away?

  1. Yes. These NEW Premium Aged Leads are much better. Onward and upward!